Hardware For Trade/Donation list as of May 20th, 2002

I have a lotta stuff gone and more has to go...

Lotta other stuff...like some original software for a lotta these systems, books, cards....ask....

Almost everything thing here is in mint to near mint shape. I DONT COLLECT JUNK! If and when I do pick up "junk" it is quickly fixed and cleaned to not become junk...or simply taken apart for parts...Almost everything thing here as been cleaned and tested. I don't pile up stuff...everything is in neat shelves...

I am not looking for $$$. I want trades for other computers. Don't offer money. Most of this stuff is worth $0-$30 in my opinion...Don't talk to me about ebay prices...

My current wish list still includes:
TRS80 I Expansion Box and drives
Apple Lisa
Exidy Sorcerer
CP/M Machines
Sun Microsystems Computers and Periphs
SGI Computers
Microvax and similar...
Any "Home Computer" from the 197x-198x not in my collection list.



SC1224 Monitor(several)
Atari ST original Mice
Atari ST Ext. Drive
Atari 800 (non XL model)


Apple original floppy drives
Original inbox softwares
External Apple 5 1/4`` floppy drives

Apple MAC

MAC M00001 models with 512K
MAC Classic II
"Short" MAC Keyboards for 128K and 512K Macs with cable(M0110)
Mac keyboard with numeric keypads with cable (M0110AC?)
External floppy drives

C64 1541 II disk drive (several)
C64 power supplies and serial cables (several)
Original inbox softwares

Commodore Amiga
Amiga (orig.) external floppy drives
Amiga extra RAM (several models, mostly for A500, ask)

DEC (Digital)
DEC RX50AA Floppy drives (several)
Several unidentified DEC branded cables